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►►Big Bang, SHINee, SNSD, KARA + more idols to star on “Haha Mong Show”

Best friends MC Mong and Haha have finally come together after seven years for their new SBS pilot program ‘Haha Mong Show’, where many idol groups have guest starred for the first episode.

On the 21st, the first recording of the “Haha Mong Show” featured members from Big Bang, SNSD, Kara, 2AM, Brown Eyed Girls, SHINee, MBLAQ, and other popular idol groups.

Lee Ji Won PD, who is in charge of this new show, said “After hearing that Haha and MC Mong are back together for a show, many idol members showed their support by appearing on the show. Anyone can see the big anticipation that is surrounding Haha and MC Mong’s reunification.”

The PD confidently said, “We are producing the show by emphasizing both Haha and MC Mong’s unique personalities, and through the appearance of these idol members, the audience will be able to see a more cheerful variety show.”

MC Mong and Haha were MCs for 2002 Mnet’s “What’s Up Yo!” where their bad boy image made them immensely popular. They also were radio DJs together in 2003 for SBS Radio’s “Haha Mong’s Young Street,” when they had the #1 listenership.

Cr: joynews + translated by filmsession@omona_prection

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