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►►Why is it hard for Super Junior to become beastly idols?

SuperJunior member Siwon showed his abs in his new drama. Regarding this recent hot topic, Leeteuk said “Beastly idols who have six packs seem to be a trend recently” and “among these beasty idols, Siwon’s abs are the best”.

Such comment is not only made by Siwon’s group member Leeteuk; Siwon’s abs are also recognized by Kim Jong Kuk, the singer sunbae and “King of nice body”.

“But even if beasty idols are a trend, it seems hard for SuperJunior to become beasty idols. Although Siwon or Donghae may become beasty idols…the other members are so different. (laughter) We shall develop on our own charisma.”

Meanwhile,  Leeteuk revealed how he became a popular multi-tainer on “Teuk Academy” at the popular SBS variety show “Strong Heart.” Leeteuk works with SuperJunior group members Eunhyuk and Shindong and warms up the atmosphere for other guests at the cost of ruining their own images.

“It’s really worthwhile if my efforts make people happy. Staying up all night for brainstorming is an interesting thing. As time goes by, my energy level decreases a lot. Although sometimes i feel wavered, that kind of thought disappears as soon as i get to the filming site.” Leeteuk said generally he would hear from the producer about the attendants list 2 days before the filming of “strong Heart”. Then they would stay up all night to prepare, especially to collect the “shameful photos of celebrities in the past”

“Although some responded ‘is this too over?’, this is much better compared with getting approval to show the photos beforehand. We showed Narsha noona from Brown Eyed Girls the photos before filming and her manager said “isnt it too weak?’ and asked us whether we had better (funnier) photos.” Leeteuk doesn’t even sleep because he has to look for materials, so often times he feels sleepy as soon as he sits down. However, his eyes looked different when we talked about the “Teuk Academy”.

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