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►►U-KISS signs with Philippine’s major Premiere Entertainment

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Seems like U-Kiss will be the first Korean group to ever sign with a major entertainment company in the Philippines!

Philippine’s top entertainment company, Premiere Entertainment Philippines, otherwise known as PEP for short, has chosen U-Kiss as the first Korean group to sign a contract with! As to why U-Kiss was chosen out of other popular groups, a representative said that U-Kiss is very international-based, with members who can speak multiple languages ranging from Spanish to Chinese! Due to such a profound and unique skill that not many groups have, U-Kiss was given the opportunity to sign with a company in the Philippines.

U-Kiss will be holding a showcase from March 26-28 in various cities in the Philippines, including Manila. In addition, they will be promoting their music with well known companies such as GMA, the music channel MYX, and the Universal Records label.

Congratulations to U-Kiss for achieving such a great feat!

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