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►►T-MAX gets a new member and is preparing for comeback

Currently consisting of members Kim Joon, Shin MinChul and Park YoonHwa, T-Max will get a new member Park HanBi (20). Park Han Bi is a 2nd year college student studying theatres and video at MyeongJi Specialty School. Park HanBi has been training to be a singer for 3 years at a entertainment company and he recently passed the audition to be part of T-Max.
Park HanBi is not only known for his powerful vocals, he is also known for his flower boy looks like Jang Geun Suk and Kim Hyun Joong.

According to T-Max’s company, “Park HanBi is a talented newcomer whom we had chosen from many auditionees. He is currently working with the current 3 members of the group. We feel that he will add to a new energy to the team.”

“The response for this new member is good, because as a singer, he has also received many proposals for acting projects. He has the qualities of a multi-tainer.”

Park HanBi revealed, “It’s like a dream to be part of T-Max. I will work as T-Max’s new member and as the youngest member. “
Meanwhile, T-Max will be releasing their full length 1st album this first half of the year.

Cr: Sookyeong

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