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►►Brown Eyed Girls Narsha and Ga In are preparing for solo debuts

It’s been officially reported that Brown Eyed Girls members Narsha and Ga In will soon be making their solo debuts!

Currently, girl groups like SNSD, Kara and After School are heating up the scene with their comebacks but the Brown Eyed Girls are nowhere to be seen. They’ve been on break since their summer/fall hit “Abracadabra” and their follow-up hit “Sign”.

But the two girls have been keeping their lives active with each of them appearing on reality programs as Narsha joined the G7 on Invincible Youth and Ga In joined hands with 2AM’s Jo Kwon on “We Got Married”. And it looks they’re going to further expand on that by making their solo debuts.

A rep said, “Currently, both girls are working on their solo work. They want to provide a quality track so it’s still in progress. But because Narsha’s solo debut concept will differ from Ga In, their debut dates will differ in sequence.”

Cr: Allkpop

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