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►►BEAST shed tears for their 1st music show award on Mnet M!Countdown!

OMFG CONGRATULATIONS YOU GAISSSS!!!! I’m so freakin proud of my BEAST!!! XD

Since their debut, idol group BEAST received their first #1.

March 25th afternoon on live broadcasting of Mnet’s ‘Mcountdown’, Beast’s with their new song ‘SHOCK’ rose to first place.

To congratulate them on their win, 2AM members were right there to embrace them. Because this was their very first time winning on a music show, Beast could not hold back their tears.

While holding onto the trophy, Beast Yang Yoseob commented by, “First, we want to sincerely thank all of 6 members’ parents. Also wanted to thank our company’s president and staff members.”

With this, Yoon Doojoon heartwarmingly stated, “Be it rain or snow, for all the fans who’ve loved us, we sincerely love you.” One could also see members [Jang Hyunseung’, Yong Junhyung and Son Dongwoon showed much tears of happiness.

Sharing this very sentiment, fans from the audience also could not hold their tears of joy and excitement.


Before winning, BEAST did their best showing the “ballad singers” side of them by performing “Despite holding on”. They also performed “Shock!” like usual 🙂

After winning, BEAST shed tears of joy:

Super afterwards, BEAST members wrote letters of thank-you to their awesome fans!



Though it seemed like our debut on Oct. 16th was yesterday..

Much to our surprise, we’d received the much appreciative #1 title.

Seems like all we have but words of gratitude.

The moment they’d called out our name..

I could now understand the feeling one gets when their lives flash before their very own eyes..

The day I’d first started in music,

memories of HOT BLOOD days and the time I met all the members when I’d entered into CUBE little by little

as these moments come, can’t help but to be consumed with tears…

By the way, I was really embarrassed. Although I should have held back the tears to have officially thanked the very people during the acceptance speech.

Our very well composed Yoseob did it in my place!!! Such a cutie..

Really want to thank all of you. Will be that BEAST who will continue to work hard.

Please continue to watch over us with an open heart. B2UTY I love you!!!

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(THURS) 22:57
Thank you


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Thank you
Seriously, will continue to try harder..
Without our hearts ever being changed
will continue to work hard!

I love you B2UTY..!


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(FRI) 00:54
Thank you….thank you
The fact that it was a performance we were placing all of our efforts into
To think that we would get placed #1 was unthinkable;thus again, found myself in tears

Knowing that the meaning behind this was to make us even try harder, we will run that much harder

Cr: LUMI@B2ST Rising (SHARING); dujunseob@B2ST Rising (TRANS); cube_b2st @ LJ

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