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►►2PM’s Nichkhun becomes English tutor on “We Got Married”!

2PM’s Nickhun made a surprise appearance on MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ as ‘Adam Couple’ JoKwon-Gain’s English teacher.

Nickhun is going to be shown on the episode that will be aired on the upcoming 27th as a special English teacher. This attracts more attention since Nickhun is one of the likey candidates of the next ‘WGM’ couple.

The staff revealed that starting from the filming, and the start of Nickhun’s English class, Ga In couldn’t keep her eyes off him and could not concentrate, and JoKwon’s jealousy exploded because of this. However, ‘Perfect Man’ Nickhun’s superiority won over even JoKwon, according to the after-rumors.

JoKwon and Gain cooked samgyubsal, (pork) Nickhun’s favorite dish to serve a meal for him, and Nickhun helped Ga In with a very ingrained gentleness.

Nickhun, also very active as a Thailand advertising ambassador, helped the JoKwon-Gain couple to learn basic English introductions and the manners as an ambassador well, and showed an aspect as a very good English teacher, the staff said.


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