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►►2AM’s JoKwon slept with Wonder Girl SunYe on a subway station?

On the episode of SBS’ ‘BFF Note 3 – Shining Table (Meal)’ that was aired on the night of 26th, they invited the singers Kim Jong Gook and Hong Kyung Min. Also, 2AM’s JoKwon and Im Seulong made a surprise guest appearance, creating a friendly atmosphere.

In the corner where they were supposed to fill out the blanks of ‘For a friend I did 00’, JoKwon said, “I shed tears for Sunye,” attracting attention. He started off by saying, “During my trainee years, I really wanted to eat don katsu one day.”

After eating the don katsu and the practice was done, JoKwon realized at the KangNam Bus Station that he’d spent all his money eating don katsu. He explained, “After thinking, I begged the people in the line for the money for the bus, 1300 won. (equal to about 1.14USD) However, so coldly, not one person gave me the money.”

JoKwon reminisced about the poor trainee years, saying, “I called Sunye. After waiting about an hour, Sunye came. She brought exactly just 1300 won. It was because she didn’t have any money, either.”

Sunye brought the money, but the last bus had already gone. JoKwon said, “There wasn’t a place to sleep, so me and Sunye supported each other at the subway station and slept until the sun rose.”

He then remembered, “While riding the subway after, I felt very sad. That was when I was on the 6th year of being a trainee, and I wondered if I really needed to put so much time to do this. Also, if we did debut as a singer, if we would succeed. Like this, we walked for an hour or two at 6 in the morning, crying, to the practice studio.”

On this day, eyes were on JoKwon when he revealed his sturdy friendship with Sunye, saying, “Sunye is a family-like friend that have been through a lot with me for 8 years.”


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