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►►[VID] SNSD’s Jessica act out kissing scene with Lee Seung Gi!

On SBS‘ Strong Heart, Jessica had stated, “There’s a special kiss that I want to really want to try sometime.”

So what kiss is SNSD’s Jessica wishing for?

“As a member of an idol girl group, there are times when you have to act coy, but to be honest, I’m more on the truthful side,” she stated, “I daydream about the ’scarf kiss.’”

In response to this, MC Lee Seung Gi confessed, “I wanted to try the ’scarf kiss’ with Jessica in a different way.” As soon as his confession was stated, the two reportedly got to re-enact the kiss scene of course.

Cr: Allkpop + UnknwonCarrot300@YT

One response

  1. what is the title of the song 1:o8 ?

    March 28, 2010 at 4:56 am

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