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►►BEAST to be at Korean Music Festival 2010!

I am going to shoot myself for not getting tickets this year…I LIVE ONLY 2 HOURS AWAY FROM LOS ANGELES!!! HOW CAN I HAVE MISSED THIS?! damn….

Today, Korea Times tweeted about what we have all been speculating. Beast will, in fact, be performing at the 2010 Korean Music Festival aka Hollywood Bowl on May 1, 2010. A few days ago, kB2UTYs had everyone going crazy with a post mentioning Beast and the annual Kpop festival on Bestiz. Unfortunately, there was no official word, so it was difficult for B2STRising (or anyone, for that matter) to confirm the boys appearance.

Today, however, with Korea Times’ tweet, we have a very reliable source and in a week’s time, these Beastly rookies will be setting foot upon American soil. For all the B2UTYs attending KMF, be sure to yell extra loud and cheer with extra excitement for our favorite Boys of EAst Standing Tall!

Cr: lindadoll.@B2STRising

One response

  1. Who will be there? Will ss501 be there?

    April 16, 2010 at 12:57 am

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