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►►KARA fans request for apology from T-ara fans – more fan club conflicts

To sum up this whole mess: KARA’s fans thought T-ara’s fans cursed at KARA at the March 21st Inkigayo show, when T-ara won. However, T-ara’s fans told them that it was just a misunderstanding (and they didn’t curse at KARA) because KARA’s fans thought that T-ara only won because T-ara’s fans cheated with the CD sales….yep.

I think this whole thing just sprouted out from jealousy between fan clubs: KARA won more with “Lupin” so far so T-ara’s fans feel jealous. When T-ara does win, however, KARA’s fans became jealous themselves. 😦

It seems that the discord between fans of girlgroups T-ara and KARA has done deeper.

On 21st March, KARA fans have requested for an apology on their official fancafe from T-ara’s fans. According to the KARA fans, some male fans of T-ara have been extorting on the young fans of KARA of CDs and even blackmailing them at a music show recently.

KARA’s fans said, “T-ara fans had sat next to and in front of the KARA’s fan area on SBS Inkigayo on 21st March holding placards. And when the Mutizen award was announced, they had scolded and swore at KARA not caring that their fans would hear it.

T-ara fans then clarified, “We had heard from other fandom saying that we extort with CDs. But the fan had commented ‘It’s not me’ and the other fandom had said ‘Sorry for the misunderstanding’.”

They added, “We hope that KARA fanclub side would remember well the face of that accused fan and at the next music show tell our executives about it. If it is found to be true, we will stop the act and give our serious apology on it.”

Meanwhile, currently T-ara and KARA are promoting in the same period with their comeback songs.

And on 19th March due to broadcast error from KBS Music Bank’s side, there was confusion when it comes to revealing the winner of KChart on the show, and had let to the relationship between fans to get worsen.

Cr: Sookyeong

One response

  1. bleh.__

    Fact of the matter, Tiara fans are so arrogant. worse then sones. Kara fans are a peaceflu fandom, and im not even in that fandom =/ but it’s true. Tiara has to stand up to their fans, but they don’t. which is why they don’t deserve respect.

    February 17, 2011 at 5:07 am

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