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►►”Danbi” slowly surpasses the idol-filled “Family Outing 2” to become top Sunday show

hehe as much as I would like to give all the credits to my BEASTly DooJoon, it is fair to say that “Danbi” should come out on top because it’s a heart-warming and eye-opening show. No other would send celebs onto missions far away in impoverished places such as Africa and Cambodia to help the poor…it’s great! 😀

oh yea..Nichkhun made an appearance so maybe that’s why too lol. Remember, Family Outing 2 has all the idols: 2PM’s Taecyeon, 2AM’s JoKwon, and SNSD’s YoonA.

Although MBC’s ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ is floundering in the single digits of viewers ratings, they have a chance for a turn around. Shows like KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Sunday’ and SBS’s ‘Family Outing’ have been dominating with high viewers ratings, so it was hard for ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ to squeeze in between these shows. However, because ‘Family Outing’ ‘Gold Miss’ and SBS’s ‘Good Sunday’ recently have been facing some dangers, the show has found a gap to squeeze into.

MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ that aired on the 21st got a 5.7% viewers rating of the whole nation, forcing it to be last place. However, the first corner ‘Danbi’ beat ‘Family Outing’. AGB Nielsen media’s results from the real time investigation on viewers ratings stated that ‘Danbi’ received a record of 13~14% viewers ratings while ‘Family Outing’ was 1~2% behind.

That day on ‘Danbi’, 2PM’s Nichkhun and Song Ji Hyo made appearances as guests and went to a village in the Phillipines where they had a good time with the natives and presented a lot of laughter. In the past they have focused on touching people’s hearts and had left out a lof of the entertainment aspects, but on this day they made the viewers burst out laughing and received a good review.

Also, ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ used this surge of momentum to make a men’s entertainment program called ‘Hot Brothers’ that include appearances of Park Myung Soo, Kim Gu Ra, No Yoo Min, Park Hwi Soon, BEAST Lee Ki Kwang, Han Sang Jin, Supreme Team Simon D. This real variety made a promise that “‘Danbi’ will be responsible for the heart wrenching aspects and we will be in charge of the laughters’.

Still, it is hard for ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ to follow ‘Happy Sunday’, a program that strongly holds the title of the nation’s entertainment. However, it is true that they have received an opportunity as ‘Family Outing’, ‘Gold Miss Diaries’ and other shows have struggled. They are at the center of attention as many people wonder if they will be able to use this opportunity in order to create a change in the weekend entertainment programs.

CREDITS: Osen (SOURCE); glfishyy@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

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