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►►Big Bang’s “Gara Gara Go!!” wins Best Choreography Video in Japan!

Japan’s music award show “SPACE SHOWER Music Video Awards (スペースシャワーミュージックビデオアウォーズ)” has picked Big Bang’s “Gara Gag GO!!”, which was choreographed by Shaun Evaristo and directed by Hyun Seung Seo, as Best Choreography Video!

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Big Bang’s Message translation:

“We’re so happy that 「ガラガラ GO!!」 is selected as the BEST CHOREOGRAPHY VIDEO.It was shot in summer 2009 while we were having the activities both in Korea and Japan.The MV was shot for two days nonstop with no sleeping.It’s great to know that you guys like the choreography.We thank you all and looking for your support in the future.”

The other nominees are Ikimono Gakari’s “Joyful”, BoA’s “BUMP BUMP!” feat. VERBAL (m-flo), Daichi Miura’s “Who’s The Man” and RIP SLYME’s “Good Day”.

Congratulations boys!

Cr: + teambigbang + GDyuppi@YT

One response

  1. congrats to Big Bang..
    keep up the good work..
    we’ll always support you no matter what..
    it would be an honor to the filipinos if you go here…

    March 24, 2010 at 5:53 am

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