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►►2NE1’s CL becomes a pink Care Bear?

The bad a$$ leader of 2NE1, CL, has turned into a pink Care Bear! On March 22nd, member Dara posted on her Me2day a rather fun picture of the sexy leader in a bright pink Care Bear suit:

Dara: 완죤 몸살끼 씨에루~ 기분을 업시켜야한다며 좋아하는 잠옷을입구~ 베프와 함게 뒹구루루~ 뒹굴뒹굴!

“CLroo is totally exhausted~ In order to get her mood up she put on some pajamas that she liked~ and loafed around with her bf~ loafloaf!”

Cr: Me2day + GEE@YGladies

Not only that Dara is also concerned about her nicknames:

Dara: 와쌉!?ㅋ곰곰히 측근과 함게 고민해본건데..ㅋ달옹이라는 애칭 말입니다! 이제 바꿔주야하지않나?싶어서요ㅋ 달옹달옹 귀엽긴한데 괜히 몬가 그렇게 부르다보면 더 올드해질까봐요ㅋ몸도 마음도ㅋㅋㅋ나에게도 아가린,팝핀밍지,영춘 처럼 젊고 귀엽고 건강한 애칭을~ 달라~!달라~!캭

“Whats up!? I’m debating carefully with my close friends..about my nickname Dar-ong! Shouldn’t I change it now? I want to ke Darong Darong is cute but for some reason I’m worried that if people keep calling me that I’ll become even older ke My body and my mind too ke ke ke I want to change~change~ my nickname to something young, cute and lively like Babylin, Pumping Minji, or Youngchoon~! Kyak…”

Dara: 싼토끼는 귀여운데..애들이 자꾸 먹이를주고 키울려고하고.. 새로생긴 칩멍크 라는별명도귀여운데 자꾸 재주부리라그러고ㅋ람쥐람쥐~ 하면서 괴롭히고ㅠㅋ 뭐 좋은거없어요? 새로운 애칭을 뽑습니다~! 아 카몬!^.^

Ssantokki is cute but.. if I use that people keep giving me food and trying to raise me like a pet.. My newly acquired nickname of Chipmunk is cute too but people keep telling me to do tricks ke They make fun of me by calling me Munkmunk~ㅠ ke Is there nothing good? I’m choosing a new nickname~! Ah come on! ^.^

Cr: Me2day + GEE @YGLadies

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