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►►[VID] ZE:A releases “All Day Long” MV teaser!

ZE:A, also known as Child of Empire, released the music video teaser for the song ‘All Day Long’ on the 22nd on various music sites for their second album that will be coming out on the 25th.

In the video, the member of ZE:A all transformed their style to high school students by dressing up in school uniforms, and portrayed a scenery similar to the movie, ‘Friends’. Also, the fight scenes that showed off the charisma of the members completed the preview for the music video.

Their management stated, “In order to lighten up the image of the music video, all the film was shot in BuSan. Children of Empire also heighten up the anticipation by fulfilling all the intense actions without any injuries.”

Meanwhile, the music video for ‘All Day Long’ and the second single album will be released on the 25th at 00:00 through an online music site.

Cr: Sookyeong

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