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►►New Releases: 03/15/10 – 03/21/10

SBS Inkigayo performances are added! (sorry I haven’t been able to post other live perfs from Music Bank, Music Core, and M!Countdown) >.<

MVs: T-ara’s “I’m really hurt” + 2AM’s “I did wrong” + SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” + JJ’s “Come closer” + M to M’s “I’m sorry” + Voice One’s “Goodbye my love” + Mr. Gordo ft. Miso’s “Corcaroli” + Defconn ft. Goo Ji Sung’s “How to Leave the Rapper” + Soo Ah Young’s “Can’t help falling in love” + FOXY’s “Why are you doing this to me” + Show Time ft. Lee Pani’s “Go together” + Alex’s “Sweet dream (Adante)” + Sara’s “Now you should start this” + Creamchou’s “Shining Love” + Gembi’s “Kong Dak Kong Dak”

Teaser: H.A.M’s “The theme of national athlete”

Live perfs (Inkigayo 100321): T-ara’s “I go crazy because of you” + BEAST’s “Shock” + KARA’s “Lupin” + SNSD’s “Run devil Run” + 2AM’s “I did wrong” + JJ’s “Come closer” + Epik High’s “Run” + Outsider’s “Acquaintance” + Jung In’s “I hate you” + T-ara WINS!

T-ara – I’m really hurt

2AM – I did wrong

SNSD – Run Devil Run

JJ – Come closer

M to M – I’m sorry

Voice One – Goodbye my love (Voice One has some of Korea’s best ballad singers: Jang Hye Jin, Monday Kiz, and Ilac!)

Mr. Gordo ft. Miso – Corcaroli

Defconn ft. Goo Ji Sung – How to Leave the Rapper

Soo Ah Young – Can’t help falling in love

FOXY – Why are you doing this to me

Show Time ft. Lee Pani – Go together

Alex – Sweet dream (Adante)

Sara’s “Now you should start this

Creamchou’s “Shining Love

Gembi – Kong Dak Kong Dak

HAM – The theme of national athlete

T-ara – I go crazy because of you

BEAST – Shock

KARA – Lupin

SNSD – Run devil Run

2AM – I did wrong

JJ – Come close

Epik High – Run

Outsider – Acquaintance

Jung In – Hate you

SNSD’s Interview

2Am’s Interview

T-ara WINS!

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