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►►2AM’s JoKwon, “SeulOng’s face whitened after meeting his ideal girl Shin Min Ah”

On the episode of KBS’ ‘Celebrity Broadcast’, 2AM’s first CF filming was revealed.  In the interview that was taken on that day, JoKwon said, “Seulong likes Shin Min Ah-ssi a lot.”

JoKwon started by saying, “Before, at the awards ceremony, (Seulong) got to meet Shin Min Ah…” and then proceeded to say, “I never saw a situation like that. I thought ‘When people really, truthfully like, (and/or) love, they must act like that’,” causing more curiosity from the other members.

He added, “(Seulong’s) face is in a very down tone, but his face was completely white back then.” He then added, “(Seulong) Likes (Shin Min Ah) very much,” causing Seulong to be flustered.

Also on this day, JoKwon said that the actress Choi Gang Hee was his ideal woman and sent a video message very like his Kkap Kwon self, that said, “I want to meet you. I’ll do my kkap for you, noona,” which made a contrast to Seulong’s overwhelmed look about JoKwon’s statement about Sin Min Ah.


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