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►►Who would 2NE1’s CL choose: Dara, Teddy, or G-Dragon?

On March 19th, 2NE1’s Dara updated her me2day with 4 polaroid shots of CL hugging various YG Family members: G-Dragon, Dara, Teddy [and the last one is with her stylist I think]. But Dara is also wondering who would CL love above all?

달옹이미쳤어요 시리즈3탄!씨에루찾으러왔는데 옷장문열어놓고 반신욕중인듯?!ㅋㅋ 엇!사진발견!저기~내사진이네!베동♥베언은 언제써놨대?내가 그르케쪼아?^.^ 흐억!저..저사진은..씨에루의원러브 테디신님!ㅠ음..잘어울리긴하네!모야!나야?테디오빠야?!?랙잭이들의 선택은?ㅠ

The third series of ‘Darong has gone crazy’! I came looking for CLroo but when I opened the closet door, it seemed like she was taking a bath?!ke ke Uh! Look at pictures!Over there~it’s a pic of me! When did she write Be-dong♥Be-un? She likes me that much?^.^ Huh! That..other picture is..CLroo’s one love Lord Teddy!ㅠum..They match well! Who will it be! Me? Teddy Oppa?!? What do Blackjacks think?ㅠ

Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by: GEE @ YGLadies

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  1. idk

    its ok i guess

    April 5, 2010 at 9:17 am

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