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►►U-KISS’ Dongho, “When I fight against girls, I always lose”

LOL I don’t know about you but having a guy who’s easy to push around like Dongho isn’t that bad 😛

On the upcoming episode of SBS’s Quiz Sixth Sense to be aired on March 21st, U-Kiss‘ Dongho revealed that he is weak against girls!
During the show, the topic of “How to win in a talk fight against your girlfriend” was brought up.

In this discussion, Dongho revealed, “When I have a talk fight against female friends, I always lose. … Like other kids my age, I sometimes tease female students. But every time I start, it ends into a talk fight against them.”

He then gave a message to females in general and said, “Males tease females if they like them. Please don’t react very negatively to this.”

Cast member Kim Chang Ryeol then joked, “There’s a rumor that Dongho teases all the girls in his class,” to which Dongho responded by shaking his head with an unfair expression.

Cr: allkpop

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