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►►[SCANs] 2PM for Calvin Klein Jeans photobook


2pm has transformed to black 2pm as like SNSD

2pm will present a photo book with the photographer Cho, Sunhee. The theme of it is the “vintage” 2pm participated in the photo book work by Cho, Sunhee. She worked for CK Jeans.

The title is “the book”. In this book, there are so many various male’s images – the photo concepts are three – Modern, Sexy and Vintage. This is not just a one- off thing – idol 2pm photos.

This book aims to reflect the zeitgeist of young ppl, so this book is a totally different thing from other idol’s work.

You can get this book on the CKJ shops all around from 19th March 2010.

source: Nate
trans: all-in-all

Cr: Youcapturedme + Lingading

One response

  1. hi im althea from philippines and i am one of the biggest fan of 2pm here in the philippines….and i want you to know that you did a graet job….tnx for sharing us this pictures of 2pm

    July 5, 2010 at 4:54 am

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