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►►F.Cuz’s Jinon diagnosed with diverticulosis and considered for surgery

Yikes this doesn’t sound good at all :/

Jinon was recently hospitalized for appendicitis. However, the results from his health examination revealed that he was actually suffering from diverticulosis.

On March 18th, Jinon experienced stomach pain while preparing to rehearse for Mnet M!Countdown. He was consequently rushed to the hospital, and F.Cuz performed with only three members.

CAN&J’s Entertainment stated today that Jinon was suffering from diverticulosis and not appendicitis. Diverticulosis is a condition where small pouches in the lining of the colon bulge outward from the colon wall. CAN&J’s Entertainment is currently discussing if Jinon will undergo surgery to treat his diverticulosis. Jinon already had diverticulosis, but the design of the outfits in which he performed worsened his condition.

A company representative stated, “After the health report came out, we found out that Jinon had diverticulosis. We will observe him a little more before deciding if he needs surgery for that. We are sorry for making fans worry and will work hard so that he will recover soon and appear in front of fans with better features.”

In the meantime, F.Cuz will not be performing on this week’s KBS Music Bank and SBS Inkigayo.

Cr: omgkpop

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