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►►2PM’s Nichkhun transforms into an angelic chef

↑ har har I see my hubby Doojoon in the back♥♥

On the last MBC “Sunday Sunday Night” Corner “Danbi,” Song Jihyo a guest together with Nichkhun with the Danbi team, surprised us with their hidden cooking skills for the children of Pinatuba Mountain in the Ayita area.

Nichkhun with Song Jihyo, for the children who do not eat one proper meal a day, chose ddukbboki for their delicious and nutritious menu.

The sweet and non-spicy taste was the reason it was popular with the children.

The producers reported, “the crew learned Ayita traditional ways: how to make an oven, how to properly start a fire, how to season food, and even how to ration food. As if they were like family, they showed dedication while doing the first to the 10th thing.”

“Danbi” Philippines episode 3 will be broadcast on the coming 21st at 5:20 p.m.


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