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►►2NE1 bad girls never break the laws even when no one is looking

“Try to follow me~ try to follow me~ try to follow me~ like this!”

2NE1 has remade the nursery rhyme into a cool hip hop song that anyone can sing along to. Starting with their appearance, each time 2NE1 comes out with a new song, it’s a huge issue sweeping the nation! Because they attract so much attention from fans, it seems like they must be pretty stressed sometimes too. Now, compared to their usual dazzling appearance, a different, simple and easy going side of 2NE1 will be revealed.

Trends can be very distorted. The lifespan of trends is also very short. Trends are talked about a lot and also faked a lot. But you can only survive if you set trends. The youths who lead the trends are being led by 2NE1, but they have also had their shares of ups and downs. Rather than creating more problems after problems in the past have been solved, these girls show their fans their mature images.

Q. While doing group activities, what do you think is the most important thing?
I think it would be keeping our manners and communicating with each other? I think that it’s especially important to respect each others’ privacy since we live in a dorm together. I think that because of that reason, it’s important for us to understand each other and to acknowledge that. And in order to understand each other better, we must communicate between us a lot.

How long has it been since they’ve been together! They seem to be able to understand each others’ feelings with simply one word. It’s also an important rule that they need to communicate a lot between each other in order for them to understand everyone. There’s more! 2NE1 communicates with their keyboards too. By using their me2dayss, they communicate with their fans! They reveal their every day lives and habits freely and interact with their fans in a natural way. They don’t have a ‘veil’ and they don’t hide anything appearing even more pure. Even while they use the me2days as a service to communicate to the public, they haven’t even once left a hateful comment.

Q. Which member follows the law the most?
All the members make efforts to follow the law. For example, on the way to our apartment there’s a small crosswalk. When there aren’t any cars, you can literally cross it with 5 steps, but no matter what we always wait for the light to change before we cross. ^^

Q. Is there a law which no matter what you think you need to follow?
We think it’s important to follow every law, but if you ask us, since we’re singers, we don’t download music illegally. Whether its music, movies or dramas, basically any piece of work, we always download it legally because we know well how much time and effort goes into making it (^^). Everyone please be a ‘Good Downloader’ too!

Coming from the Philippines, Sandara Park finds the traffic lights interesting!

Q. Is there a law in Korea that you think is really different from the Philippines?
I was really amazed at the people waiting at the traffic light when I first came to Korea!! Whether it was a big intersection or a small intersection, it was really impressive seeing everyone standing and waiting for the light to turn green.^^ Honestly speaking, in the Philippines, it’s really strange for someone to stand and wait for the light to change. But now, because I’m used to living in Korea, it’s a bit shameful to see people jaywalking once in a while.

2NE1’s time is golden. The members all travel together and there are also many people looking after the members, so if even one person is late, the entire day’s schedule can get pretty hectic. Asking them ‘What is one of 2NE1’s laws?’ they replied ‘We always promise to be on time!’. Even when they have separate schedules, on the days that they all gather together, they work hard to arrive on time. “The entire team can’t be held up by me alone.” This is an example of 2NE1’s very straightforward life, by thinking it’s not ‘just me’ but ‘beginning with me’.

Q. Is there anything you want to say to the fans, as the trend-setting girl group of Korea?
CL: I think that our laws are not only to maintain manners between each other but if all laws are upheld, it will make a better society. We’ll be really proud if our fans follow laws as well. We’re making an effort to be good role models, so everyone “Try to follow me~ like this!”^^*

Translated by: GEE @
Take out with full credits only.

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  1. JBernoulli

    I am glad that this topic was discussed on this blog, totally agree with all the above, but there are some problems in the legal regulation in the light of recent changes in legislation. I would not wish to write here in great detail, much is written on the site … But thanks anyway!

    March 21, 2010 at 8:42 am

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