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Archive for March 18, 2010

►►SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” got beaten by Jaebum’s “Nothin’ On You”!

It’s the power of Jay’s loyal fans! Love & Respect ♥

An underrated song sung by an American singer B.o.B titled “Nothin’ On You” has officially claimed the number one spot on Cyworld’s Daily Popularity Chart, thanks to the recent cover made by ex-2PM’s leader Jaebum himself that swept Youtube by storm.

This chart is based on the sales rank of user-purchased tracks for the background music on their personal minihompys. Winning over the current newly-released tracks, including “Devil Run Devil” by SNSD and “I Did Wrong” by 2AM, such accomplishment is notable, considering the fact that the song does not even belong to K-pop.

Meanwhile, the video at hand has reached over two million views in two days (which made it top video of the day on Youtube twice already..and counting!) and is still getting a handful of comments by the minute.


►►[PIC] SNSD releases white version of “Run Devil Run”

So we all know that the SNSD girls are coming back with their “Black Soshi” concept. But in the MV teaser of “Run Devil Run”, you could also see the girls in white…so here it is – the white version of “Run Devil Run”!

Bigger version:


►►[VID] Teaser for SHINee Onew’s musical “The brothers were brave” is released

It has been reported earlier that SHINee’s Onew will be participating in the musical “The brothers were brave” and so the teaser or CF of this musical has been released. This would be Onew’s first ever musical performance and it will also include a kiss scene, which got fan girls excited. For more info, go HERE.

Cr: dirah9309@YT

►►Concert to watch for: 2NE1, 2PM, 2AM, etc. @ World Cup Concert in Seoul

The nation’s top idol stars are hosting a concert in Seoul to promote the kick off of 2010 World Cup taking place in South Africa.

On the 10th of April, 2PM, 2AM, 2NE1, etc. will be having a concert in the afternoon in the Seoul World Cup stadium. This concert will be held with both celebrities and soccer team superstars such as Yoo Ohsung and the Red Devils, for 40,000 citizens.

Representatives stated “This concert will be a large scale concert, meant to support the national sports team representing Korea at the African World Cup, the Taegeuk Warriors, and also to promote the World Cup series that will be held in Korea in 2022.”

Performances will include appearances by Ham and Transfiction which participated in the making of the official supporting album of the Red Devils for the African World Cup, as well as top idols in Korea such as 2PM, 2AM, 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, T-Ara, Beast, etc.

Meanwhile, the profits earned by this performance will be donated to the foundation for young soccer players run by the Korean Soccer Association as well as other welfare funds.

Translation: GEE @

►►Lonely Big Bang’s Daesung, “I want a girlfriend to text message with…”

I swear these interviews are killing my thoughts about the happy-going Daesung we all knew 😦

Daesung has been lonely lately. This is because he lost his cellphone during the car crash so he’s no longer in touch with his old friends, who he’d managed to maintain an unsteady but existent relationship with.

”When we were preparing our debut, I was so busy that I couldn’t contact my friends much. But I kept thinking of them after ‘Lies’ became a hit. I would feel lonely when everyone went out and I was left alone on our days off.

After ‘Lies’ brought them to a slight a higher ground, Daesung was finally able to relax enough to look around him. But he says there was noone left.

He felt sorry to all the friends he had become distant with during the harsh training for his debut, so he subtly contacted them. Of course his old friends would understand his situation and take him back.

”My friends said they understood. I felt so bad. Whenever I saw one of my friends’ names while going through my cellphone, I missed them so much but I couldn’t call cos just so much time had passed.”

During their breaks, he contacted a lot of his old friends. But that damn car crash not only left Daesung with 8 weeks worth of injuries, but stole all his friends’ numbers from him as well.

My phone went missing after the accident. I was knocked out so I don’t remember where it went, so now I can’t call my friends when I want to. Not to mention my yearbook’s disappeared somewhere too…”


►►F.cuz leader Jinon rushed to the hospital due to stomach pain

The leader of newbie group, F.Cuz, Jinon has been sent to the emergency room for an acute appendicitis. The idol was attacked unexpectedly by the symptoms of abdominal pain during the rehearsals for Mnet Countdown!. He is currently hospitalized (again), and is awaiting to undergo a mild surgery.

Their label, Can&J’s Entertainment, revealed, “Due to the sudden need for surgery, only three members of F.Cuz will be stepping on stage for tonight’s Mnet Countdown. He will return to his schedules as soon as he makes a full recovery.”

Wishing Jinon a speedy recovery.

Cr: allkpop