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►►[VID] SNSD releases “Run Devil Run” full MV and netizens love it!

The wait is finally over! SNSD released their title song (and now MV) for their repackaged 2nd album, “Run Devil Run,” on the 17th. It is already receiving explosive amounts of responses from netizens.

The fans who have heard this new song through Bugs, Melon, and other music sites, have welcomed the transformed SNSD by saying comments such as, “It’s mysterious and fresh,” and, “It’s so catchy, it seems like this one’s going to be big as well.”

Busbee(USA), Alex James(UK), Kalle Engstrom(Sweden), and other composers from all over the world have collaborated to create this song. The new American popstar, Ke$ha, recorded a “guide version”* of the song before her debut around August 2008, as she is close with one of the composers.

Their first performance will be on the coming 19th of March on KBS2’s “Music Bank.”

*By “guide version”, they mean like a “demo” version. This means that Ke$ha recorded the song before her debut just as a demo track, and it also implies that Ke$ha doesn’t hold rights to this song. It was first offically released by SNSD, so SNSD did not “copy” Ke$ha. I know there was a lot of commotion around this. If this becomes an issue and SM needs to come out with an official statement on it, they will.

Source: Asia Kyungjae

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