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►►T-ara’s Jiyeon, “Hyomin taught me to be sexy”

T-ara’s Jiyeon confesses Hyomin taught her how to look sexy.

Recently T-ara featured a radical transformation for their latest track. On today’s episode of KBS-2TV “Happy Together” Jiyeon was appeared and was asked by an MC, “Was being sexy for the new concept a challenge?”

In response, Jiyeon said, “The sexy look was awkward for me, but Hyomin taught me and I practiced,” which resulted in Hyomin showing off the “sexy” expression.

Meanwhile, Jiyeon is making headlines for her KBS-2TV’s “God of Study” selcas where she appeared making three different funny faces.

You can watch Jiyeon and Hyomin on KBS-2TV’s “Happy Together” on March 18th at 11:00PM.

source : maxmovie
Cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem

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