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►►DBSK JunSu’s brother ZUNO flashes his chocolate abs

I’m pretty sure this guy is 10x hotter than Junsu…yeppp. But let’s see if he has at least some of Junsu’s angelic voice 😉

Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu’s elder brother ZUNO shows off his chocolate abs.

Ahead of his singer debut on 28th March, ZUNO’s 1st single album jacket photos are revealed and one of the photos features ZUNO topless and showing his chocolate abs.

The photographer in charged of the album jacket shooting said, “I thought of ‘beastly’ guy when I saw his chocolate abs, different from his cute features and small face. Even though the photoshoot took a long time to complete since we have to use bubbles, ZUNO continued the filming with a smile on his face. He also showed a professional side of him with various good poses in between the shoot.”

ZUNO’s management company BIAS said, “After the profile photo filming, he has been working hard through workouts and diet for his current build. He will be revealing a cooler JunHo on 28th March.

Meanwhile, ZUNO will be doing his showcase coming 28th March in China Beijing ChaoYang Stadium on 28th March.

Cr: Sookyeong

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