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►►BEAST shows off their eye candies backstage

Hot damn! Work it guys 😀

As they continue on their ‘SHOCK’ promotional activities with their 2nd mini album, BEAST revealed some undisclosed pictures through their official fancafe on the 17th.

These pictures were originally taken during the jacket shooting of their mini album ‘SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA’, as a fan service in reciprocating back for their support.

By unlayering their cute ‘pet idol’ image, members wanted to reveal their process of transformation to a more manly-like image. By working ever so hard by taking on his refound position with his toned ‘biceps’, Yoseob also stands amongst other transformed Beast members, such as the one known to be in charge of ‘the body’…’pelvic Kikwang’ Lee Kikwang, ‘Nation’s Boyfriend-Idol’ Yoon Doojoon, and charismatic ‘Shaved head Junhyung’ Yong Junhyung.

As a response to this, fans commented with “once a pet idol, will forever be a pet idol”, and “it’s cute to see the members’ playful side”.

Even in the midst of competing against fierce girl groups, one can still see Beast’s ‘SHOCK’ remaining strong on various charts.


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