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►►2NE1’s CL is a peacock, a heart, and a mistress?

3-in-1 haha

2NE1’s Sandara Park is known for frequently updating her me2DAY with hilarious photos and fun stories. This time we’re treated with rapper CL in a fun attire.

On the 17th, Sandara wrote on her me2day saying, “Whenever I try to rap, CL compliments me saying ‘Unnie, you’re a natural at rhyming’. I feel proud for rapping in front of Teddy, Minji and CL.”

As an added bonus, this photo of CL was uploaded and fans seem to have different takes on what the rapper looks like.

Some are saying “She looks like she’s forming a red heart“, “It’s like looking at a peacock” and “She looks like a fancy high-class mistress“.

Cr: allkpop

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