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►►2PM’s Nickhun to leave his first movie role in “Shining Diploma”?

Lee Jung-Ryong of the production team of the movie “Shining Diploma” released on the 16th that, “Speaking the truth, we were going to make a crank-in with the movie and start the production, but because of investment problems, we haven’t even been able to start filming it yet” and also explained that “The actress playing the main female role, Lee Misook is currently looking forward to two other castings (dramas/movies), so we will be pushing our movie production back about 2-3 months.” And accordingly, he continued that “We received a cancellation request from Nichkhun’s side. Currently, Nichkhun’s position in starring (in the movie) is a negative one.”

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A concerned party from Nichkhun’s agency, JYP Entertainment, revealed that “Honestly, his casting for the movie has gotten a bit difficult. Nichkhun, who was concealing his excitement for his first screening debut, is having a hard time also.”

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