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►►2NE1’s Dara reveals secrets about “Try to follow me” MV

A music video production diary written by Sandara herself will take the place of Part 7 of Sandara Park’s Star Diary. She wrote her own subheadings and posted the pictures herself too.

This is Reporter Dara! I see my reporting skills have been recognised by the outside world as well, so I get to be a reporter for the day.

It’s been a hot topic on the net lately. I am thinking of releasing the behind story of the filming of our ‘Try To Follow Me’ (‘TTFM’) music video.

◆The Story of How We Had to Refilm the MV

It took a whole 4 days filming 2NE1’s ‘TTFM’ music video. We didn’t have time to go back and forth between the sets in NamYang and our dorms in Seoul, so we stayed in a motel and finally finished filming.

But a few days later, we were given shocking news. We were told that we had to refilm the music video at the new company building.
(Bbarabam…ㅠ.ㅠ Could it have been that the President wanted to show off the new office?)

But we made preparations all over again and worked hard refilming it all night. The nice background was actually the new building’s cafeteria. It’s really pretty, right? I bet you never even imagined that it was a cafeteria. When we saw the results, we were amazed at how awesome President Yang and the music video director were. (haha)

It’s this picture here.

◆Our First Choreography

2NE1 was so nervous before filming the music video. This was because we didn’t have any choreography. But that nervousness was easily taken care of thanks to the newbie choreographers of ‘TTFM’. CL and Gong Minzy played a very active part in the making of the choreography.

The choreography of this music video was actually the combined work of CL, Minzy and choreographer Lee Jae Wook. They are such talented people. So with the choreography being made three days before the filming and us practising all night for two days, how was the ‘TTFM’ music video?

◆15 Different Looks!

Another spectacle of the ‘TTFM’ MV would definitely be the outfits. 2NE1 shows 15 different looks in the music video. We’re all wearing different outfits in our individual cuts as well as the group ones, so I wonder how many outfits that adds up to? Try guess.

2NE1’s stylists YangGeng (nickname) and Hyunjong really put a lot of effort into them. The funny thing is that the outfits were made before the choreography. They say the outfits were out a week before the filming of the MV, after a whole lot of meetings and fittings.

And we also got to show off some of our own personal collections in this music video.

◆Dara’s Fighting Spirit Despite Her Injuries!

We were filming the highlight of the video, the part with the choreo. The ground of the set was covered in sand and because of the four cameras, we had to dance in a very small space.

So we started filming. Then Dara who had been dancing enthusiastically suddenly felt something hit her and her mind went numb. During one of the moves which included a powerful dance with their arms stretched out, Minzy had hit Dara’s head with her fist because they were so close. (ㅠ.ㅠ)

And filming went on.
But she continued being slapped, having her ankle trodden on by Minzy’s heels, being kicked and bruised in the knee etc. Not a single part of her body came out unscathed.

It was hard at the time but I hear they were overjoyed at the final results the day the music video was released.

So, was it fun reading my music video behind-story? It was really fun for me!

I hope you’ll continue to love our new song ‘Try To Follow Me’. And please keep supporting 2NE1! This was Reporter Dara, the member in charge of promoting 2NE1. See you again. (bows)

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Translation Credits: sjay.x @

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