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►►[SCAN + Interview] Big Bang in COLOR Best magazine

With the release of their new single [Koe wo Kikasete], theme song for J-drama [Ohitorisama], BIGBANG who once again returned to Japan and topped at #4 on the Oricon charts are preparing for their concert in Nippon Budōkan!

Q : Long time no see, what is everyone doing recently?
G-Dragon :
After releasing the album [BIGBANG], I returned to Korea and released my solo album. The others are also busy with their own activities.

SOL (Taeyang) : Yeah! Everyone is busy with their own work but because I like pets very much, I often find time to go to the pet shops.

Q : After D-LITE came back, are there any changes?
T.O.P :
While D-LITE was away, everyone’s mood was very low. Now that we are working together again, everyone’s energy is back.

Q : The schedules now are getting packed, if there is a whole day off, what would you like to do?
D-LITE (Daesung) :
Would like to go sightseeing, eat nice food.

Q : If everyone is not a member of Big Bang, what kind of job would you do?
Should be leading a normal life! But since everyone loves music, while studying at the same time will still carry on with music activities. So even if we are not singers, we will still be doing work related to music.

Q : The next working plan?
I will be releasing my second solo single and preparing some new performances.

T.O.P : Preparing to shoot a Korean drama and movie.

D-LITE : After the New Year, I will be preparing my new solo single.

Q : Are there any thoughts of getting married early?
G-Dragon :
From before I already have the dream of getting married early. (laughs)

D-LITE : I didn’t have this thought before but after attending several weddings and seeing the happiness of the newly weds, it made me want to get married soon.

Q : Among the members, who is the most willful?
T.O.P :
I am the kind that take everything to heart, does this consider as willful?

V.I (Seungri) : The other time when we went for a meal together, the others wanted to eat ramen, only him wanted to eat sushi.

T.O.P : I really wanted to eat sushi that day! Because it was the fourth day we were in Japan, cannot tolerate anymore. In the end, I went to eat sushi alone. (laughs)

Q : Who can survive alone on an uninhabited island?
G-Dragon :
I definitely cannot, I am most afraid of loneliness, I cannot survive alone.

D-LITE : Because there is no sushi on the uninhabited island.

The entire audience laughs.

scanned and translated: Miseremei @ multiply
pic shared by: ncly @ bbvip

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