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►►T-ara releases 3 versions for “I’m very hurt” MV in one day

After their energetic performances with their 1st bonus single ‘Go Crazy Because of You’, T-ara’s management has released a statement about T-ara’s follow-up promotions for their other bonus track, ‘I’m Really Hurt’.

That’s right, the concept this time is the ‘tomboyish look’. With this being the “part 3”, promotions for this single will not stop on just releasing it. T-ara has already started performing it too. Fans have more to be excited because upon the release of the promotional pictures of this single (click HERE) the fans already noticed how different T-ara looked. Leaving words of kindness such as. “Even with clothes of men, they look hot”.

Performances for ‘Im Really Hurt’ has already started last thursday on Mnet’s MCountdown.

Cr: GOMtv
Article written by: *YANiPOPO*


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