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►►SNSD’s Sooyoung wants to have plastic surgery?

SNSD member Sooyoung recently appeared the SBS program Shin Dong Yup’s 300, a show where 300 entertainers come together to discuss what ever topics are presented to them during the show.

The topic that piqued Sooyoung’s interest was the matter of plastic surgery. The idol stated, “I want to have plastic surgery done on my face. I have big cheeks and I would like to rid myself of them.” Also revealed on the show was that out of the 300 guests, 210 have not undergone plastic surgery.

Sooyoung went on to state, “I gave up on school work a long time ago because I have been an entertainer since my elementary school days. I miss going to school and unfortunately I’m not enjoying college campus life either.”

MBLAQ’s G.O also made an appearance on the show, revealing that during his trainee days he and the rest of the trainees were not allowed to drink water after practicing. He stated, “Rain wanted us to train our patience and mental endurance.”

Cr: allkpop

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