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►►New boy group D-NA strives to be the next DBSK

It’s a long shot but what do ya got to lose? haha good luck to the D-NA boys 🙂

Back when Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA) was revealed back in January, people were already linking the newbie male group to the practically legendary TVXQ. After all, with the five-man group’s a cappella cover and image, the comparison were practically inevitable. Furthermore, the fact that D-NA is already being targeted at an international audience (their overseas name is officially BOSS, the Boys of Super Space… yeah, I don’t get it either), similar to TVXQ’s venture into Japan.

It’s been previously stated that D-NA has acknowledged TVXQ as role models. It’s definitely quite a feat for anyone to achieve the success that TVXQ has enjoyed over the past few years, but the members of D-NA are determined to succeed as well. On March 15, the boys talked about being compared to the ever-popular quintet.

“All of us watched TVXQ as we grew up, and have had the dream to become singers some day,” Jay expressed. “TVXQ is more than just an idol group. … We don’t know if we’ll be able to sing and dance like them. Whenever we see them, we realize that we have a long way until we can try to be close to them.”

Members Mika and Hyonmin received gold medals at a singing competition in Seoul back in 2007. Furthermore, Garam and In Joon have won competitions in their respective cities as well.

After people began to call D-NA the next TVXQ, the rookies also received backlash by others who reprimanded them for making such a comparison. “TVXQ is like a giant mountain that casts a giant shadow,” Hyonmin said. “And rather than crossing over that mountain, I wish that our group would be right behind them.“

Cr: Allkpop

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