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►►JYPE speaks up about Taecyeon’s scandal, “He only wanted to encourage fans”

I don’t believe that Taecyeon has this little fans…with his face everywhere on screen? yea, I don’t think so :/

On the 5th, Taecyeon had written on his fancafe, “It’s a new start, shall we do this together?” Fans were angered with the post, interpreting it as Taecyeon wanting to start 2PM promotions with a fresh start, without Jaebum.

Regarding this, a JYP Entertainment associate stated, “The fancafe that Taecyeon has left a message on is only of the only fancafes left that still encourages him despite many other fancafes that have deleted themselves. He left a message as a gesture of thanks to his fans.”

Info about the fancafe Taecyeon posted on:

The truth about “A Killing Smile”. It is a dying cafe. Many members have already left the cafe. A Killing Smile existed before Taecyeon was a part of 2PM but they have no drive (to do activities). The cafe has nothing to show other than a few posts Taecyeon wrote. They never did anything for his birthday. In comparison, their drive is considerably less than Park Jaebum’s ‘Be the Top’ cafe (with 100K members).

That’s what ‘AKS’ is. Although it’s blocked now, it’s a place where all you had to do was write your nickname and an introduction post and you were leveled up immediately.

The cafe admins didn’t have drive either (not even to close it properly). They forgot Taecyeon’s birthday until a month later. They never did present/supports until someone had to suggest it. Despite it all, he always left a post for them whenever he left for America.

It is said that it was just Taec’s attempt at earning sympathy from the last existing cafe for him.

A Killing Smile has 6k members.

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