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►►How many costumes does 2NE1 need for their “Try To Follow Me” MV?

A netizens made a compilation of all the costumes 2NE1 wore for their “Try to follow me” MV. Not surprisingly, there were a lot! YG Entertainment totally went all out of this MV 😉

Let’s start with the girls with LEAST amount of costumes: Bom and Dara, with 6 pieces each!

Then we have lil Minzy with a total of 7 costumes!

And of course, the Korea Lady Gaga – bada$$ female CL, with 9 pieces of costumes all for herself!

Cr: near @ dcinside + shared by quirkyromantic@soompi

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  2. E

    21 costumes

    October 30, 2010 at 10:12 pm

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