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Archive for March 14, 2010

►►Top 10 most innocent South Korean idols early 2010

Netizens voted and according to the list, these are the “Most innocent idols/singers of 2010” so far 😀

1. Seohyun (Girls’ Generation)

2. Taemin (SHINee)

3. Nichkhun (2PM)


►►T-ara releases 3 versions for “I’m very hurt” MV in one day

After their energetic performances with their 1st bonus single ‘Go Crazy Because of You’, T-ara’s management has released a statement about T-ara’s follow-up promotions for their other bonus track, ‘I’m Really Hurt’.

That’s right, the concept this time is the ‘tomboyish look’. With this being the “part 3”, promotions for this single will not stop on just releasing it. T-ara has already started performing it too. Fans have more to be excited because upon the release of the promotional pictures of this single (click HERE) the fans already noticed how different T-ara looked. Leaving words of kindness such as. “Even with clothes of men, they look hot”.

Performances for ‘Im Really Hurt’ has already started last thursday on Mnet’s MCountdown.

Cr: GOMtv
Article written by: *YANiPOPO*


►►[VID] BEAST releases Almighty Promo for MTV Season 2

On March 13th, the BEAST members released a video promo for their reality show “Almighty”, which is their MTV B2ST documentary Season 2. So cute♥ and yes, I’m down to watch this XD

Beast’s wish?

Gikwang: Well… I wish…
Dongwoon: For a younger plus lighter face!
Yoseob: To eat all sorts of delicacies!!!
Hyunseung: To get a driver’s license~
Junhyung: I miss dating….
Doojoon: For a trip around the world! Except to dig wells (because he already digged too many in the show “Danbi” lol)
Well, what is your wish?

Cr: myBEASTyboys1@YT + thetalkingapple (trans)

►►New boy group D-NA strives to be the next DBSK

It’s a long shot but what do ya got to lose? haha good luck to the D-NA boys 🙂

Back when Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NA) was revealed back in January, people were already linking the newbie male group to the practically legendary TVXQ. After all, with the five-man group’s a cappella cover and image, the comparison were practically inevitable. Furthermore, the fact that D-NA is already being targeted at an international audience (their overseas name is officially BOSS, the Boys of Super Space… yeah, I don’t get it either), similar to TVXQ’s venture into Japan.

It’s been previously stated that D-NA has acknowledged TVXQ as role models. It’s definitely quite a feat for anyone to achieve the success that TVXQ has enjoyed over the past few years, but the members of D-NA are determined to succeed as well. On March 15, the boys talked about being compared to the ever-popular quintet.

“All of us watched TVXQ as we grew up, and have had the dream to become singers some day,” Jay expressed. “TVXQ is more than just an idol group. … We don’t know if we’ll be able to sing and dance like them. Whenever we see them, we realize that we have a long way until we can try to be close to them.”

Members Mika and Hyonmin received gold medals at a singing competition in Seoul back in 2007. Furthermore, Garam and In Joon have won competitions in their respective cities as well.

After people began to call D-NA the next TVXQ, the rookies also received backlash by others who reprimanded them for making such a comparison. “TVXQ is like a giant mountain that casts a giant shadow,” Hyonmin said. “And rather than crossing over that mountain, I wish that our group would be right behind them.“

Cr: Allkpop

►►T-ara apologizes to the FC Seoul fans for wearing inappropriate outfits

The girl group, T-ara, made a public apology regarding the outfit that they wore for a performance for the K-League game.

On the 14th, T-ara performed a congratulatory performance during the the third round game for the K-League 2010, which was between FC Seoul and JeonBook Hyundai at the Seoul SangAmDong World Cup Arena. However, because they didn’t get to check their outfit before they left, and they wore the green and black colored outfits on to the performance which happened to be the representing colors for the opposite team, JeonBook, causing dislike from the sport fans.

According to the a manager from T-ara’s management, they had no time to change because they were chased by the time coming from the rehearsal at SBS Inkigayo, which lead them to have no time to change outfits. They apologized, “We are sorry to the FC Seoul fans” and “We will work hard to let such things not happen again.”

Cr: Sookyeong

►►Jaebum’s fans self-produced an album called “With All My Heart”

Dang this sounds so legit! Jaebum’s fans definitely have a lot of love for him :3

An album produced by fans for Jaebum, a member of 2PM who recently permanantly resigned from the group, has gone into countdown until the day it will be released for sale.

Since the month of January, after establishing a community called ‘Album Production for Park Jaebum’, Jaebum fans have had song/music compositions, selected vocals and rappers, recorded (the songs), and even paid for all the costs after an online distribution.

The title for Jaebum’s album was decided to be called “With All My Heart” and the title song of the album was concluded to be “You are my Heart”, with the following “For You” and “One Step At a Time”, making a total of three songs on the album. The whole album was produced, composed, and sung by fans themselves – 4 producers/composers, 5 vocals, and 2 rappers.

The album could be released anyday now since it is up to the fans, but it was decided that it will be released on the 27th, the 200th day since Jaebum had left. Fans have also decided that if profits were to be made, it will be spent on donations to Haiti and other good deeds.

After the offline album is released, there will be a limit of 100 copies made. Fans will be dividing the 100 copies as: 10-20 copies for Jaebum and his closest in Seattle, and the rest of the copies will be distributed to the staff who contributed to the making of the album and the members of the community(Album Production for Park Jaebum).

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►►SNSD’s Taeyeon picked as lead role for musical “Song of the Sun”

Another SNSD member becomes a musical actress! Taeyeon is going to be the second member after Jessica, who participated in the musical “Legally Blonde”.

Taeyeon has been casted for the female protagonist, Kaoru’s role, for the “Song of the Sun” musical, which will open this May in Seoul Sejong Cultural Center’s M Theater. This will be Taeyeon’s debut in musicals.

On a side note, “Song of the Sun” illustrates the love story of a girl with a disease called xeroderma pigmentosum, which makes her unable to go out during the day, and a boy who always lives under the sun due to his love for surfing. Japanese novel with the same title is the original work of the story.

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Credit: Newsen