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►►[VID] “Raising Idols” preview with SHINee, U-KISS, and MBLAQ

On March 12th, a preview of the newest idol reality TV show “Raising Idols” has been released. Translations are below 😉

One representative contacted T-News and said, “Dongho, Eli (no Eli here so I guess he was kicked off :-(), Key, and Thunder were chosen for this show, which is a reality program where idol stars will explore and learn new things and skills every week. Since the cast is young and have lots of talent they’re likely to do a good job.”


  • I am the almighty Key.
  • It’s evidence-backed confidence. (t/n: err kinda awkward translation, but a probable reference to Seunghyun from Makbanshi who has ‘un-backed confidence’)
  • Though I’ve never done this (?) before, I’ll probably do well.


  • I am MBLAQ’s handsome boy, Thunder.
  • Don’t judge me by my looks.
  • Take me lightly and you’ll pay dearly.


  • Hi! I’m U-KISS’s magnae Dongho.
  • I’m adorbs; I’m cute; I’m popular.
  • On top of that, I’m SMART(?!).


  • A project of these 3 troublesome men’s growth!
  • First broadcast on March 27th 10:30pm.

Translated by okdubu @ omona_prection

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