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►►”Try to copy me” dance was made by the 2NE1 girls themselves

My goodness you talented freaks >.< I’m so proud of 2NE1 lol cause the vid was weird but super awesome!

The explosive 3-minute of 2NE1’s music video for Try to Copy Me was unleashed on March 11th. The fans and netizens alike were truly shocked by the never-before-seen actions in the video, such as bathing in a tub of cameras and dancing in an African jungle.

To double the surprise, 2NE1 revealed recently that all the choreographies shown in the music video have actually been put together from scratch by the four girls themselves! This again proves that the four are versatile artists that not only sing well, but rap and even dance to perfection. If you ain’t know, now you know.

“It was a bit hard to practice day and night for seven days straight, but we feel very attached to the results,” 2NE1 expressed.

Cr: allkpop

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