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►►[PICs] Actor Song Joong Ki shows his dark side

The cute new flower boy Song Joong Ki (whom many may know as the SHINee Onew look-alike) shows his sexy black side 🙂

The handsome doctor from SBS drama series “OB/GYN Doctors” shows off his appeal again through these SIDUS (his management) pictorial photos just released today.

In the drama, he plays a young resident, playful, kind and likes to joke around his peers. Though he’s young, he’s a genius and has enough confidence to carry through his job as a doctor. In this pictorial, the actor himself shows a vibrant look which attracts those who see it. With smokey make-up and black clothing, he carries the image of a “dark angel” concept. With a seductive, sexy look, he carries such a different 180 degrees turnout than his drama character.

In fact, that he can carry so many different angles through this pictorial, it shows just how model-material he can be. With the drama coming to an end in 2 weeks, he has other projects lined-up for him such as a new movie, “Heart 2″, KBS2 “Music Bank” as an MC, and also appointed ambassador with Park Shin Hye in the 11th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF).

These charms will be shown through sidusHQ online magazine the “i” March issue, which also carries a special cover for “White Day” (Korean’s Valentine’s Day). Expect to see him online through Song Joong Ki’s official site –

Cr: jazzholic

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