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►►”Black Soshi” continues releasing Hyoyeon’s and Sooyoung’s teaser photos

My goodness…is it just the photo or does Hyoyeon looks 10x as hot as before?! I mean I’m a girl and I never was really a Hyoyeon fan but she looks stunning here 😀

We’ve already gotten an eyeful of Yuri, Taeyeon and Seohyun, but SM Entertainment keeps SNSD’s momentum going with the release of Hyoyeon and Sooyoung’s sexy Black Soshi concept photos!

The girls are focusing on preparing for their comeback stages next week, so unfortunately we won’t be able to see the girls on any music shows this week. SM Entertainment is making up for their absence on the music stage, however, with the daily release of members’ concept photos until the 15th. Prepare yourselves to be teased out of your minds when the MV teaser is released on the 16th! Three days following the final release of concept shots, their brand new song will be released!

Cr: allkpop

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