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►►After School to gain a new member but UEE is leaving?

Rumors are rumors…let us wait till further notice. But UEE is like the ‘face’ of the group (like it or not) so I don’t think she’ll be leaving anytime soon :/

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After School members Raina, UEE, Jooyeon and Nana performed Fin.Kl’s hit song “To My Boyfriend” at their fanclub’s fanmeeting. However, instead of keeping the traditional 4 member performance, a mysterious masked girl was added into the performance. Korean and International Playgirlz speculate that she’s either a new member or Pledis Entertainment’s rumored female ballad trainee. But with pictures from a recent After School photoshoot being revealed – without UEE – and her recent move out of the After School dorm, many more rumors have arisen about her departure from the group.

A rep said, “To fully prepare for the [drama] role, she will be making a few adjustments to her life. So for the time being, she will be apart from the other After School members.” It has yet to be decided whether or not UEE will join After School for their next comeback.

Cr: allkpop

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