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►►4minute makes their acting debut…without HyunA

↓ This picture had me going @_@ what happened to HyunA’s face? but then I realized it wasn’t

4minute (minus HyunA) made their acting debut yesterday with their cameo on the smash hit comedy “High Kick Through the Roof”. The episode, which aired on the 12th, featured the girls as a group called Skini, with character/actress Yoo In Na taking the role of the leader. The girls appeared in scenes for the press conference and a performance as Skini.

The girls experienced something quite shocking this time around on stage, though. While they are usually used to fans chanting their names and lyrics of their hit songs, the storyline has the audience disliking Skini so the room was completely dead except for Yoo In Na’s #1 fan.

After filming the girls said, “This was such a fun experience. We watch this program all the time so it’s so nice to be on it. If we have the chance, we’d do it again.”

High Kick Through the Rough will finish its 126 episode run on March 19th.

Cr: Allkpop

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