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►►Super Junior Heechul’s cat Baengsin cause him to grow pimples?

Super Junior’s Heechul recently posted a few entries on his Cyworld talking about his cat and his appearance 😉

[03.08.2010] Photo Entries
2010.03.08 02:46
: The natural hair

Bleaching Perming Dying …
My hair almost looks like a duster

Suddenly (saying) maybe just having your natural hair so I was like what (-┏)

Recently Baengsin and Heebum always quarrel too noisily that I couldnt sleep well
Thanks to that, chapped lips and pimples are freely (appear) eet-hing~♡*

* a cute giggling sound

[03.08.2010] Video Entry
2010.03.08 20:50
Title : Baengsin on the bed

Credits: 김 희철’s Cyworld
translated by
1, 2
video reuploaded by
may take out with full credits and dont add in your own credits

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    March 11, 2010 at 10:49 pm

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