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►►Epik High’s Tablo, “Yoo Jae Suk and I will let our children date each other”

LOL I find it funny that these two have a big age gap but both are going to be daddies soon…good luck on getting a baby boy and a baby girl!

Singer Tablo reveals that he had made a pact with Yoo JaeSeok that their 2nd generation will go out together.

Tablo recently participated in the filming of KBS 2TV Happy Birthday. And during the filming, Tablo said, “The child is set to arrive in early May.” showing some nervousness about his child.

He added, “Lately I’ve met up with Yoo JaeSeok and we talked a lot. This is because Yoo Jaeseok is also expecting his child to arrive in April.”

“In the case that Yoo JaeSeok gets a daughter (son) and I got a son (daughter), we promised that we will have them go out and date each other.”

Meanwhile, the show is set to air on 14th March.

Cr: Sookyeong

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