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►►D-NA’s Mika, “Through 2PM’s Junsu hyung, I want to become a singer”

2PM JunSu and D-NA Mika have been known to be 6Cheon brothers.

It was known that JunSu’s father and Mika’s mother are like brothers and sisters in 6Cheon village. The 2 of them had dreamt to be a singer together in their hometown DaeGoo.

Mika said in a recent interview, “I’m actually very excited to see JunSu hyung as a singer at the broadcast companies. He gave me many advices when I was preparing. I want to repay hyung’s help by presenting my good features.

Both of them have outstanding appearances as well as great vocal capabilities. They had attended the same academy back in DaeGoo and dreamt to be entertainers. Even after JunSu debuted as part of 2PM, when they met, JunSu will give advices to Mika on singing. And when things get tough during his training days, JunSu also told Mika not to give up.

Mika said, “I was unfamiliar with the Seoul lifestyle. And as the training period got longer I thought of giving up. But looking at JunSu hyung promoting as part of 2PM, I did not lose hope. Through JunSu hyung, I held on to the hopes to become a singer.”

Meanwhile, D-NA is promoting their debut song ‘Admiring Boy’.

Cr: Sookyeong

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