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►►BEAST’s Junhyung on his new mohawk, “I could sleep well being totally unaffected”

After revealing his radical hair change from their teaser, it was stated that a nickname ‘sak-bal Junhyung’** was given to him, emphasizing his sharp mohawk like hairstyle.

Yong Junhyung stated during the Newsen interview, “because I prefer to have a hairstyle with character than going for that pretty, handsome-looking look, I went for the complete transformation… I honestly thought I was going to go through a ‘farewell from female fans’ period. However, seeing that it was well received made me quite happy.”

“Since my trainee days, I used to frequently cut the sides and back of my hair….only because it would bother me even if a little bit of hair started to grow…However, with this current hairstyle, I could sleep well being totally unaffected.”

For fans, after seeing his sharp mohawk like hairstyle, they started calling Yong Junhyung, ‘Bbulmon’ as his nickname. This character was also seen displayed on Yong Junhyung’s Cyworld homepage as well. Bbulmon is character from [DIGIMON**] that’s known for its sharp horn-like feature sticking out of its head.

As per Yong Junhyung, “you could also find my name when you try to search for Bbulmon on image sites… I was actually quite shocked when I saw the similarities at first.” In response to this, maknae Son Dongwoon stated, “I think Bbulmon’s evolving as well.”

Although this harsh demeanor has been portrayed on stage, a softer side of Yong Junhyung was beguilingly displayed on their mini album jacket with a longer hair. It was later surfaced that a wig was actually used. Although the fans had responded with positive responses commenting that “this too was pretty”, Yong Junhyung had begged to differ.

“It was a real wig. Because it was my first time wearing it, I felt that it was a bit conspicuous. Although at first I wasn’t too thrilled after our photo shoot, because the post-production came out really well, I was quite relieved. In hindsight, we should have used my current hairstyle.”

It’s stated that one can also see other members of BEAST being transformed from boys to men through their 2nd mini album as well. As BEAST continue on promotional activities of their title song “SHOCK”, it was also stated that their powerful performance with their VTach dance has been receiving a lot of popular attention.


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  1. Tatyana

    he is hot!!!

    March 12, 2010 at 10:10 am

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