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►►BEAST’s DooJoon, “I saw Olympian Lee Sang Hwa wear the earrings I gave to her”

oh gosh *crying b/c of jealousy* T^T

btw, Lee Sang Hwa was the speed skating women’s 500m gold medalist in Vancouver.

Yoon Doojoon’s friendship with Olympian Lee Sanghwa

BEAST leader Yoon Doojoon and speed skater Lee Sang Hwa are still maintaining ties after filming a show together.

On the March 5 broadcast of SBS ‘Intimate Note,’ Yoon Doojoon met Lee SangHwa for the first time. He appeared on the show because Lee chose him as her ideal type. Different from the charismatic side she shows on the ice, Lee was shy in front of Yoon Doojoon.

At that time, Yoon Doojoon presented Lee SangHwa with earrings in the shape of starfish. Lee SangHwa attracted attention when she wore the earrings to the ‘2010 National Festival,’ which took place on March 7 at the Seoul Plaza.

During his most recent interview with Newsen, Yoon Doojoon was shy as he said, “I saw Lee SangHwa wear the earrings I gave to her.” Yoon Doojoon was also nervous at his first meeting with Lee SangHwa during the recording of ‘Intimate Note.’ Yoon Doojoon said, “It was an honor to be picked as her ideal type” and exemplified his modesty.

After the show, the two people who are the same age became friends. They have become friends on Cyworld and also contact each other from time to time. The two people who are working hard in their respective fields have a heartwarming friendship.

Meanwhile, Yoon Doojoon and the group BEAST of which he is a member have changed from boys to men through their second mini album. BEAST is currently promoting their title song ‘SHOCK’ and gaining popularity with their powerful performances and ‘V-Tech’ dance.

CREDITS: NEWSEN (SOURCE); illuminate.@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

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  1. Tatyana

    aww im jealous =/

    March 12, 2010 at 10:14 am

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