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►►KARA’s Nicole gets more confidence with thicker makeup

SEXY. LOL you can’t even see the white part of her eyes…

Group KARA Nicole reveals that as her makeup gets thicker, she gets more confidence.

KARA Nicole was featured on KBS 2TV Happy Together 3 to be aired on 11th March. She had appeared in her ‘fresh face’ different from the smokey makeup she wear when she performs KARA’s new song ‘Lupin’ on the stage, much to the surprise of the other star appearances. She also performed the song ‘Lupin’ with the same sexiness without her makeup on in the sauna.

Nicole who received the praises of being ’sexy’ and ‘powerful’ said, “If I have make up on, unaware even to myself, I feel more confident. The thicker the marke up, the more confidence I get.”

The MC Yoo JaeSeok joked, “You’re pretty but I cannot see the white portion to your eyes.” leaving Nicole flustered for a moment.

Cr: Osen + K Bites

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